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These One of a kind Cigar Ashtrays are availble exclusively through Joe, they Include a Bada Bing™ Kitchen Magnet , two really cool license plates, and 3 autographed pictures personalized for you. Its a Soprano Steal
Each Ashtray measures 7 1/2" by 10 1/2"

Red Cugine AshtrayBlack Cugine Ashtray
License plateSoprano Travel humidor holds 25 cigars


+4.99 shipping
Plate Title

Leather Travel Humidor holds 25 cigarsCugine Poster Travel Humidor holds 25 cigars

Large Cugine Humidor holds 50 cigarsPersonalized Talking Card



$19.95 + $3.95 s/h

'A meal to die for' a novel by Joe GannascoliBada Bing Bicycle Plate


+4.99 shipping

My cookbook/novel is a story loosely based on my life as a Chef for over 20 yrs, I have worked in NYC, New Orleans and Los Angeles, before opening my own restaurant in Brooklyn. it has over 30 of my favorite recipes. Benny Lococo is the chef who wants to be taken seriously on the NY food scene, but is side tracked by his connected uncle and his gambling and women chasing ways. It is now being scripted for a movie !!! Enjoy, Joe Gannascoli

*personalized autographed copy


+4.99 shipping

'Bada Bing Mousepad'Signed Cigar box FB


+4.99 shipping

The Official Joe Gannascoli Bada Bing Mousepad


+9.99 shipping

Signed Cigar Holder (designed for full bodied cigars)

Signed Cigar Box (For Mild Cigars)


+9.99 shipping

Signed Cigar Box (for Mild Connecticut Cigars)

*all items include an autographed picture

Viviana Lee Gannascoli
born June 15th 2009

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